Sector Agroalimentario

Fruits and Vegetables

ULMA Inoxtruck designs, manufactures and commercializes 100% stainless steel and hygienic design equipment for load handling in clean rooms of fruits and vegetables industry. The hygienic design means an easy access to all the parts of the forklift allowing it to kept clean reducing the microbiological pollution risk. The ULMA Inoxtruck range is composed by transport equipment, like hand pallet trucks and electronic pallet trucks , lifting equipment like electronic stacker and electro manual stacker maxi-load and handling equipment like manual and electro manual stacker mini-load and electric lifting working table, all of them specially designed to handle loads in aggressive environments in the food and agricultural sector as owing to the high IP protection against contact and water and dirt penetration, guaranteeing strict hygiene compliance in the highly demanding area of food industry.
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