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ULMA presents new products in the LOGIMAT 2017

"Pre-show reporting LogiMAT / TradeWorld 2017"

ULMA Inoxtruck presents the new tilter EBT750 which enhances our Tipper/Tilters product line. In addition to the eurobins/drums light tippers and the robust bin/dolav tippers the EBT750 completes a range of ergonomic products for those operations where you cannot empty the full content of a container into a processing/packaging line but rather you have to have access to each piece of product at a time.

The main innovative feature of this ergonomic product is its hygienic design which makes it suitable for wet areas in food production facilities. Waterproof electronics, robust constructions and sealed bearings/polymeric bushings among other features guarantee that the product has been designed and manufacturers to resist the salty and wet conditions. The construction in 100% stainless steel and plastic components as well as the FDA approved hydraulic oil makes it suitable for food processing sites considered as cleanrooms.

Tilting bins/dolavs upto 750 kgs capacity are gradually tilt up to upright position to bring the product being process closer to the operator so he can feed processing/slicing machines or packaging lines in an ergonomic way.  With a tilting height of 750 mm it allows reaching the top of a 1200 mm length bin/dolav as well as the bottom for all size people.

This product integrates a good number of safety features as a remote cable control for tilting, breaks on the drive wheels, sensors to stop tilting over 90º or overloading as well as safety valves in the tilting cylinder to avoid load falling in case of hydraulic damage.

When you walk around production facilities in meat, fish or vegetables processing plants you can see many operators who pick stuff from the bottom of bins/dolavs repeatedly. The humid and cold conditions in these production cleanrooms very often cause backaches and absenteeism which result in important losses to the company. Here you have THE tool designed to resist such environments which will save your company a lot of money.

ULMA inoxtruck designs and manufactures in Spain all type of material handling (transport, lifting and rotating) equipment suitable for food and pharma processing plants around the world providing lower operating costs and better ergonomics to our customers.


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