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ULMA Inoxtruck to hold a technical and demonstration conference for meat industry companies.

On 20 September, ULMA Inoxtruck will be holding a technical and demonstration event entitled “Prevention and Guaranteed Success in Hygienic Food Handling”, at the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Research Institute (IRTA) in Monells.

The workshop is aimed at meat industry companies wishing to discover innovative solutions that will help them effectively comply with the hygiene requirements for their production clean rooms.

Participants will learn about the most recent studies on microbiological contamination risk prevention from the expert Teresa Aymerich, Director of the IRTA Research Institute’s biotic safety programme, and Rafael Soro, Director of the Quality and Environmental Department of the AINIA Technology Centre, the Spanish representative of the European organisation EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group). The EHEDG is a world benchmark for hygienic engineering and equipment and facility design. It promotes and establishes guidelines to guarantee hygiene during food processing and packaging. EHEDG's members include food sector companies, research institutes, public health authorities and equipment manufacturers, including ULMA Inoxtruck.

Fernando Odriozola, the Manager of ULMA Inoxtruck, will then present the new stainless steel equipment with a patented cleanable design. The ULMA Inoxtruck equipment has an exclusive design that stands out in the market as it can be completely cleaned after use, notably reducing maintenance costs. Mr. Odriozola will detail the competitive advantages of each of these units, which help guarantee hygiene throughout the production process.

The theoretical part of the conference will be complemented by a practical demo in a pilot room specially set up by the IRTA. Participants will be able to observe the ergonomics of the ULMA equipment and see how it takes on different day-to-day tasks for food transportation, storage and handling. After the demonstration the equipment will be totally cleaned, which is a vital procedure for correct hygienisation of production clean rooms and is made simple and convenient by ULMA’s special patented cleanable design. After the workshop the participants will have the chance to share opinions and experience over a buffet lunch.

The “Prevention and Guaranteed Success in Hygienic Food Handling” conference is yet another example of the results of the active collaboration ULMA Inoxtruck has maintained from the start with companies, organisations and institutes that share its permanent research and development philosophy.


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