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Although the electronic stackers of ULMA already stood out for their innovative design, durability and for having the best performance with its wheel-drive syste, ULMA Inoxtruck wanted to go further with this new creation. The new One-wheel drive Electronic Stacker stands out for its compact chasis because it is adapted to hallways that are too narrow for our Wheel-drive stacker.  

In terms of design, the chassis is fully open and the controls have high IP protections to permit a dairy washing. In the case of ergonomics and safety, it is equipped with a very comfortable and precise mechanical steering as well as incorporating the function of speed reduction in curves and a speed limiter from certain heights. The chassis is compact to be able to adapt to work on areas where the aisles are reduced for our double traction stacker.  Another of the most relevants features is the visibility. The ESP10 MRM incorporates a revolutionary panoramic and hygienizable mast that offers unsurpassed frontal visibility and superb lifting capacity.

The maintenance of this machine is minimal since, all joints are provided with polymer bearings, without the need for lubrication and the bearings are designed so that they are watertight and stainless in the load wheels and in the mast.


To be able to adapt to any type of need, it has some options of change in the design. Some examples are: platform for the driver, suspensión at the wheel-drive, a roof and Protection against explosive atmospheres (ATEX).


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