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ULMA Inoxtruck adds improvements to its iconic MPT manual pallet truck on the eve of its 10th anniversary

After a decade and hundreds of units sold worldwide, ULMA Inoxtruck is preparing a campaign targeted at the Spanish market to publicise the new improvements to its functional, easy-to-clean 100% stainless steel manual pallet truck
Designed to be used in the most aseptic and aggressive environments, the 2019 version of ULMA Inoxtruck's MPT manual pallet truck introduces two new features: one addressing the manoeuvrability/handling of the pallet truck and the other addressing its robustness for voluminous loads or irregular ground surfaces 

Important improvements to the new model ensure high performance and better adaptation to all customers

Improvements to the rolling system

We have frequently heard some customers complain about the weight of our manual pallet truck.  With an unladen weight similar to that of any pallet truck made from stainless steel, it is true that the former sealing system for the wheel bearings generated friction in the rolling system that made it more difficult to pull or push our pallet truck without a load on the forks, compared to other conventional models. That is the reason behind the improvements to the rolling system at the wheel bearings for the new 2019 model. 

This new sealing system based on labyrinth-shaped covers maintains the watertightness and prevents water and solid particles like salt, grease, etc. from entering the wheels, while avoiding the friction generated at the seal in the former system to improve the feeling of lightness when handling the pallet truck.



Improvement to the sealing of the lifting system

Likewise, the lifting system has been redesigned to correct the problem that when the pallet truck would be subjected to extreme working conditions, due to the type of load or the condition of the ground surface, a rocking motion would occasionally be generated on the lifting piston, allowing air or water to enter the hydraulic oil supply tank or for small leaks to occur there. The new design of the hydraulic unit incorporates a double seal on the piston rod as well as a screwed-in system for closing the lid of the tank to prevent water/air from entering or possible oil leaks, requiring even fewer interventions like purging or filling the tank oil for greater customer satisfaction.



Guaranteed return on investment

In order to enjoy the benefits of a product with these characteristics, it is essential to see it and confirm that it is a profitable investment and not an exorbitant cost. 
According to our customers, the added value of this easy-to-clean design translates into between €600 and €800 of annual savings in terms of changing wheels and bearings thanks to the watertight wheels, replacing the pull chain of the hydraulic valve for the stainless steel cable now used, as well as repairs to the piston rod/lifting unit, because all the components used are 100% stainless steel.
And last but not least, time is saved in cleaning our open equipment compared to a conventional pallet truck (the effort of having to flip it over to clean the underside); the complete cleaning of an ULMA Inoxtruck pallet truck takes no more than 5 minutes and is convenient and safe thanks to its manufacturing design.

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