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Hand Pallet Truck

DairyFishMeatFruit and Vegetables
Nominal capacity 1500 kg
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The new hand pallet truck ULMA Inoxtruck provides an innovative and hygienic design, ideal for applications in damp or harsh environments.

The MPT 2013 Series hand pallet trucks are specially designed to handle dairy products (cheese, milk, yogurt…) in aggressive environments in the food and agricultural sector guaranteeing strict hygiene compliance in this highly demanding area.

Easy Cleaning and High Resistance to Corrosion
  • Continuous welding, machinery and welding dust are cleaned by glass-fibre blasting process. Open fork, maximum hygienic, avoid hiding places for bacteria and allow an integral daily cleaning.
  • The ergonomic tiller arm and its turning angle of 210º, allow the worker an easyhandling in narrow working areas, reducing the efforts to push and pull loads. Tiller arm 3 positions all controls ensure (lower, neutral, raise), a safe control of forks. The new forks design guarantee the maximum stability to the equipment
Quick Lift (Optional) 
  • The hydraulic system design allows the quick lift in 5 strokes, when the pallet truck is partially loaded, providing higher productivity when using this type of load handling equipmen.
100% Stainless Steel 
  • Manufactured 100% in stainless steel 304L or 316L including all hydraulic equipment.
Minimum Maintenance 
  • All bearings of the hand pallet truck are sealed waterproof and self-lubricated and also all its moveable parts are provided by polymeric bearings, free of lubrication. The plaiting and stainless steel cable to activate the valve is plastic coated.


Without Chains Sealed Bearing No Grease Fittings Open Forks
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